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Coyote Creek Artistry offers a vast range of taxidermy services from new mounts to repairs or remounts of old or antique work. I can provide services for any sized job or idea! See below for some examples of my past work.

If you have any questions, please contact me.

Preserve Your MemoriesPreserve Your Memories

Services - Preserve Your Memories Services

Goat shoulder mount

This goat was a commissioned piece for a clients birthday, who also allowed me to enter it into the Australian Association of Wildlife Artists taxidermy show in 2015, winning a first place in its category.

Arapawa Goat Taxidermy

Taxidermy RepairsTaxidermy Repairs

Services - Taxidermy Repairs Services

Repaired antique sea turtle

A client emailed me about an antique sea turtle in need of some repairs. It's neck skin was peeling off along with some of the larger scales of it's shell and front fins. Once the scales and neck was resculpted and repainted "Rowdy" was looking much better.

Sea Turtle - Missing Shell Scales

Missing Shell Scales

Sea Turtle - Repaired Shell Scales

Repaired Shell Scales

Sea Turtle - Missing Fin Scales

Missing Fin Scales

Sea Turtle - Repaired Fin Scales

Repaired Fin Scales

Sea Turtle - Peeling Neck Skin

Peeling Neck Skin

Sea Turtle - Repaired Neck Skin

Repaired Neck Skin

Repaired grouse foot brooch to rabbit foot

I received an email about an old, badly damaged brooch a client found at auction. On receiving it I found it was a grouse foot, damaged well beyond repair. On consulting with the client we opted to replace it with a rabbit foot for her step-son's birthday.

Repaired grouse foot brooch to rabbit foot

Creative TaxidermyCreative Taxidermy

Services - Creative Taxidermy Services

Deer legs turned into rain stick rattles

A client gave me a fallow back skin and legs to practice on early on while I was still a beginner. He requested just a leg as payment, as I know he is a lover of native crafts I came up with the idea of turning a pair of legs into rain stick rattles topped with grey fox fur. They make a great sound when turned and make a great display in his house.

Deer legs turned into rain stick rattles

Custom made Dragon head mount

This piece was created for an art show with a dragon theme. A deer form was used as a base and sculpted over with replica horns used and additional horns sculpted for it.

Custom made Dragon mount 2
Custom made Dragon mount